Birthday Party Planner Gurgaon.

”Hey, Birthday Kid! Because you’re so special. Do you know what you deserve on your special day.? The most fun-filled, happy, overflowing-with-love birthday EVER!”

A special day can be made more pleasurable with tempting theme based parties. This is the reason why ChinChin celebration organizes birthday parties which are based on exclusive. Also, interesting themes to improve the spirit of your birthday celebrations. Birthday Party Planner Gurgaon. We implement the latest ideas into our party themes. We know little ones are the most important part of our life so this is for you guys. Birthday Party Planner Gurgaon.

Our themes differ according to the interests of boys as well as girls. Sometimes when your little princesses and knights are in a pleasant-sounding unity. We also indulge them in themes which hold a frequent interest for them. Event management company Gurgaon. 

Birthday Party Planner Gurgaon

As kids frequently love the latest trends which rule their dream world. We make sure that we bring all the essentials together also make it a reality for them. ChinChin celebration themes could be something from creating a scorn castle for your Barbie doll cute daughter or beautifies. The entire lawn as the set of a superhero’s fabricated world for your handsome prince. Birthday Party Planner Gurgaon as well as Delhi. 

We work in Delhi/NCR and we guarantee that when it comes to celebrating a birthday. We convey the kids to a monarchy of beauty. Also, speculate where they can celebrate to their heart’s content. Birthday Party Planner In Gurgaon. Such as theme cake, food, game, song, cartoons, balloons and fun stuff. Which give a unique as well as the best moment for you also your little ones. Birthday Party Planner Gurgaon | Event management company Gurgaon.

Chinchin Celebration.

ChinChin Celebration, one of the leading event management company in Gurgaon. Organize birthday parties expressly for kids. We consider the likes of children for thematic decorations like frozen birthday party theme. Their favorite cartoon characters and superheroes will be the guests for the day. The decorated thematic cakes will amaze the child and other guests. Birthday Party Planner Gurgaon | Event management company Gurgaon. Various entertainment programs such as magic show, balloon modeling. DJ etc will engross the children’s enjoyment. ChinChin offers birthday videography as well. 
ChinChin celebration is the trendsetters in birthday party events with changing craze and creative thinking. Kid’s birthday parties should be exhilarating and colorful. So we bring in the thematic decorations. Thematic decorations include the decoration/setting of the auditorium with a specific theme. 

Birthday Party Planner Gurgaon | Event management company Gurgaon.

For boys, themes such as angry birds, Spiderman, Superman, Mickey Mouse. Tom & Jerry etc are usually considered and for girls, the interest will be for themes such as Frozen. Barbie, Cinderella, Minnie mouse etc. We usually prefer separate color codes for both boys and girls as blue & white for boys and pink & white for girls. The thematic decorations are not only limited to the hall arrangements but also includes the Cake Decorations. We provide thematic cakes of various type and designs which can be customized to your needs. Printed cakes, modeling cakes, designer cakes etc are some of them. So if you are looking for the best birthday planners in Kerala. ChinChin should be your first choice. Birthday Party Planner Gurgaon | Event management company Gurgaon.

Birthday parties are an extraordinary lift to any tyke's confidence. Influencing them to feel like rulers for the day is truly outstanding and most enduring blessings you can give them.

Our Services Include:-

  • Theme Invites
  • Photo time
  • Venue Management
  • Helium Gas Balloon To Hydrogen Gas Balloon Arches
  • F&B Catering
  • Theme Cakes(Photo/3d)
  • Theme Decoration
  • Lighting
  • Audio-Video(Dj, Projectors, Live Bands etc.) 
  • Artists & Entertainers(Host,Game Host,Clown,Magician,Jugglers,Face-painters,Tattoo-artists,Tarot Card reader,Bangle-maker,Potter etc.) as well as
  • Games & Activities( Indoor/Outdoor/Game-stalls etc.) as well as
  • Videographer & Photographer as well as
  • Gifts & Return Gifts..........
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