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Event Branding Ideas

Event Branding Ideas

Whenever you organize an event, what is your most important motive? It is obviously that the people should remember your event and bring good name to it. One of the doors to achieve all your aspirations is Event Branding. It is a way which builds up a feeling of trust and confidence in yours sponsors and makes your event recognisable. It sets you apart from the rest of the crowd. Standing at a differenciated position matters a lot today in the world. Moreover, event branding is like a promise to your customers so that they remain eager to invest the next time too to your company. Here are some of the best suggestions provided for event planning mechanism.


  • Social Media Props in Events

You can get a famous social media prop made out like that of Facebook or Instagram which maximum number of people use. They will be enlighted to take a number of photos using those props. You can also make a contest related to saying the more the number of likes received in the photo will make them win some exciting goodies and gift hampers. In this way, you can a great deal of advertisement for your event.social meida props , event branding


  • Lighting Effects  in Events

Lights can bring limelight to your event. You must have the proper choice of lights in your event and specially all the hordings symbolising your logo or event tagline must be alloted specific colors of lights so as to draw the maximum attention of your attendees.

  • Paper Bags and Badges for Event Branding

You can incorporate a very nice idea of giving a badge to all your participants of your event. The badge must be designed with giving an extra focus so that people like to wear it. Also, use paper bags for every little thing inside like for collection of feedback forms or giving away a small token of memory packed in a paper bag. This will be not just a good gesture but also a smart way of letting all the people know about your event on a large scale.

printed badges, event branding


  • T-shirts and Wrist Bands for Event Branding 

T-shirts are the one liked by anyone in the game. You can have designed T-shirts for your attendees having the logo and tagline of your event which will lead to vast popularity of your event later on. Also you can have wrist bands for your attendees having the logo of your event with different quotations on each band.event branding , event tshirts


  • Holding Screens and Digital Signage for Event Branding 

You can make efficient use of holding and digital screens at many places in your event especially if there is a centre stage. Changing the slides in the form of a presentation when someone is expressing his/her views can be a great thing to do to catch people’s recognition on your eventdigital signage , event branding

  • Cakes and Presents for Event Branding

Something which will add up to your event branding is having a cake cutting ceremony to begin with your event where the cake is decorated well with the logo of your event and at last, giving away a few presents as a token of memory to the attendees will make them remember your event always. This will bring good name and popularity to your event.

event branding , event cakeThus,  these are some simple yet very useful ideas related to event branding which can make your event sound way more great and recognisable. Chinchin celebration helps in planning for your events making the best use of event branding.

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