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Problems faced during summer wedding.

Are you planning a wedding in summer season. Are you thinking of open lawns or gardens for wedding in summer.Then i would say a big “NO” to that idea of open hall wedding in summer. And why so? Have a look at these problems that everyone faces in summer wedding. May be you could also face them. Have a look and then decide!

  1. Sweat and Heat

Gurgaon and Delhi are the area which are very humid during summers. If you are planning for outdoor wedding then  it will be very problematic for your guests to attend your wedding. You wouldn’t like to see your guests feeling uncomfortable in wedding ceremony.For the bride and groom its big problem. Bride has to wear lot of make which will melt away easily in such harsh weather and temperature. Also bride and groom have to wear heavy dress which become difficult to handle in humid weather. For guest its becomes problematic wear heavy dresses like bride’s sister or mother. Just imagine all the make gets washed away before any picture gets clicked!.   

  1. Electricity issues

If  you are planning for outdoor wedding you need electricity backup incase electricity ditch you in the middle of the wedding. It will add to more cost in your budget. It also very embarrassing that your guest were enjoying and there enjoyment gets disrupted in between. It also creates a very bad impact. And during summers it will create more problem as temperature is already high in summers in gurgaon.

  1. Being bitten to death by mosquittossummer wedding

In summers mosquitoes are normal. In summer wedding it will become difficult for everyone including the bride and groom to enjoy the wedding events. Also it can lead for more problems like bride and groom falling ill just the very next day of the wedding.

  1. Additional cost for cooling

In outdoor wedding one have to look after the cooling systems such that your guests are at ease. There are different options for cooling like standing ac’s, cooler etc. This all will add to your budget. Also the cooling systems will not be that efficient because in large lawns everything would be spreaded. So closed halls are much efficient in cooling system as they have centralised ac system which will be very comfortable.

  1. Extra care for food arrangements

 In the summers , foods easily spoiled as compared to winter. So it has to taken care that catering services are very efficient and the guests are not served with bad quality food.

After reading all these reason i would think that your are convinced enough not to have your weddings arranged  in open lawns or open area in summers.

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