Mahendi Event Decoration.

ChinChin Celebration has. its partners in Mahendi. who are specialized in Traditional. Indian Bridal Mahendi and have more than. 20 years of experience. We are expert in unique and elegant. Bridal Mahendi Event Decoration. which are based on Traditional. Indian Mahendi pattern as well as Arabic. Zardosi and modern latest trendy patterns furthermore.

We only use natural Mahendi (Henna) powder with natural herbal ingredients to prepare quality Mahendi paste. You just need to keep Mahendi paste for only around 3 hrs on your body and we guarantee the color. Event Management Company Gurgaon | Wedding Planner Gurgaon.

It’s small things that matter to make a Mahendi extraordinary Great ideas, great planning of each visual element at the event. weaving each invitee into a short glimpse of love. Building excitement for the grand wedding is just one of the things we do and Mahendi is very important  as well as must part of that furthermore.

Mehndi is one of the oldest forms of body art conceive by man. The Hindi and Arabic word Mehendi is derive from a Sanskrit word ‘mendhika’ which referred to the henna plant itself.

Mahendi ki Raat

A standout amongst the most essential pre-wedding functions in Indian relational unions is the mahendi ki raat. The wonderful lady of the hour to-be embellishes her hands and feet with striking plans made out of henna. According to the customs, even the prepare applies a touch of mahendi staring him in the face and also feet. The whole service is a thrilling occasion with each relative and dear companions of the lady of the hour and the prepare being a piece of it. Be that as it may, aside from being a fun pre-wedding custom, the mahendi service likewise has a profound attached social hugeness to it. Furthermore, here we disclose to all of you about the excellent noteworthiness of mehendi in Indian relational unions.

Event Management Company Gurgaon | Wedding Planner Gurgaon

We Give Best Mahendi Decoration Ideas like.

Use Traditional flowers for Mahendi Decor.

Traditional flowers are easily available. and much cheaper than using western flowers. You can use Gende ke fool for a bright orange effect. Gerberas and Jasmine also look really beautiful. The space will look. cheerful and colourful. as well as traditional and ethnic. Such a gorgeous combination. and we gives Best Mahendi Decoration Ideas.due to

Traditional accessories.

Highlight the space with easily available and fun. accesories. You can use colourful pots as well as kaleeras. (Punjabi wedding kaliras). traditional rajasthani puppets , lanterns. and even colourful diyas. Event Management Company Gurgaon | Wedding Planner Gurgaon . These accessories will transform the mahendi. venue to a magical place due to.

Cool Photobooths as well as.

We give you Best Mahendi Decoration Ideas and Nowadays, the trend of Photobooths have taken over wedding ceremonies. Everyone loves these awesome Photobooths which make any ceremony lively and fun and intresting.Event Management Company Gurgaon | Wedding Planner Gurgaon. They can be made out of Gende ke fools for a traditional Indian  Mahendi ceremony feel It can be shaped like sunglasses and people will surely go wild. Clicking pictures here and do fun. Event Management Company Gurgaon | Wedding Planner Gurgaon.
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