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Celebration:- Arrangement, Ambiance and Appreciation

“Where is the party tonight? On the dance floor”….goes the well known Bollywood party song. People love to work hard and party even harder. The current youth believes in rejoicing every moment of life. Smallest reasons call for a celebration.

Celebration can be best described as 3A’s:-


celebrations are best known for its arrangements. Even though an achievement is small, when decided to be celebrated, it becomes a big reason to make all necessary arrangements.

Place or the venue is very important. It reflects the thoughts of the host. With the place, they feel the vibes of the party. This is what the guest notice as soon as they enter. In this first five minutes a guest is very calculative. This calculation builds an impression. They test the outcome of the celebration.

Theme- in glamour industry, a change in style is rightly said as a fashion statement.  Similarly in current scenario “THEME” has also become a statement. A party without a theme is as incomplete as without decoration.

A beautifully designed invite is necessary. Even a humorous invite carries a bundle of joy with it. Depending on the motive of the celebration, the invite is designed. The colour, the matter and the styling of the invite say’s it all.

Guest selection is a sensitive part. Usually an individual doesn’t restrict him/her self to only one group. They are a part of many friend circles. Preparing a guest list is an important part. People find it difficult to mingle with others. Hence keeping in mind the comfort zone of their friends, other guests should be invited.


when all the arrangements well planned and executed thoughtfully, the result amazing. A good ambiance helps the guests to get on board with the night. Usually at a party, people feel little awkward and anxious. To overcome this overwhelmed and unpleasant attitude, a good ambiance is very much needed. It helps to switch the mood to a positive one. To enjoy a celebration one should excited, energized and open-minded.

Guest should feel that they are important. This can started by helping them with some drinks. A happening party is the one which offers great food with exciting drinks. With drinks in their hands and yummy food nearby, guest feels at ease. This creates a BUZZ which helps to maintain the flow of the party.

If the host is the first one to start the fun, others are more likely to join. Fun or humor increases the mood of the celebration. After first few hours, mingling doesn’t help much. How to overcome this? Here comes the fun or humor party of the party. Any humorous game or a funny experiment or any conversation can be started. This should kept relatively small. Small is actually very easy.


what actually the guests remember is the high and the lows of the party. They typically assess the night. Even the last 5 minutes of the party also evaluated. So idea should be to nail the guests right, and the party will be awesome. Once you are successful in doing so, appreciation and only appreciation is what you will get. When all the ideas correctly put together, its becomes an unforgettable night.





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