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Event Technology Trends Shaping the Future of Event Planning

The thought of event planning fills your heart with an unstoppable enthusiasm and vigor.  You want your event to be the best and sight catching. In making your efforts successful, the era of new technology trends plays a huge role. There are a number of things which the technology today facilitates that can make your event way more enchanting and grand some than you could have imagined. But all the mystery lies in the knowledge of the technology trends. A good thought is not enough until you have the appropriate tools to execute the thought into a good plan as well. So, here is a list of things that you must take in charge whenever you think of event planning.

  • Robots and Drones

One of the newest technology of today which you can use in any event is the use of robots and drones. Drones can capture images and views in a way never been captured before. And robots can nowadays serve a great purpose like you do things yourself as a human being.drone for event planning


  • Use Of AI

Another new technology which can make your event way better is the use of Artificial Intelligence. It can search information of the attendees pertaining to their likes and dislikes from their social media. It keeps notifying them about your events which they must attend.

  • RFID

Another very useful tool is the RFID (Radio-Frequency Identification) system which enables the use of radio waves to read and capture information from any object. This will help you to make improvements both in quantitative as well as quantitative terms by proper data analysis.

RFID for events

  • One of the most common things which can help you a lot in this is the use of Android applications. All you need to do is to create a very simple application which any user can manage without hesitations. Keep updating about your events in them so that they may book any event sitting at their homes just with a click.mobile application for event
  • Videoconferencing, Live streaming, and webcasting are the recent trends which will help you to reach out an enormous number of people. It also helps to raise the participation for event planning.

event planning


  • You can make use of a feedback system during your event. Instead of asking your participants to switch off their phones rather provide them with an opportunity. Through which they can raise their queries through their phones itself.
  • Virtual Reality

One of the latest features you can make use of are the interactive VR technology and Augmented Reality. Which adds the real experience of a virtual world using smartphones and tablets. Also, features like projections and mapping of various components. It will provide a deep knowledge about how things are going to be in real. You can use proximity sensors as well to add on a personalized experience by sending mobile alerts to the attendees etc.Virtual reality for event

So, these are some of the recent trends which are being developed and you can expect a huge future out of them. The event planning in the future will be more efficient and wonderful with the use of all these everlasting growing technologies.


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