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How to Plan a Surprise Event

We all have some specific numbers in the calendar of our life which are very special and close to our heart. You are overwhelmed and fly on the cloud number nine when such days are memorized and celebrated. It’s always a pleasure to make somebody close to you happy on his/her special day. The best way to do this is to plan a surprise event for the person and make him blast with the hues of happiness in a moment. But planning a surprise event is not an easy cup of tea. Here are some of the tips you may follow to plan a surprise event for your dear ones.

  • Fix the apt location

You first of all need to choose the right location for your surprise event so that the location exactly matches with the interest of the special person for whom the surprise is being planned.

  • Make a guest list

You must prepare the list of important people whom you wish to invite in the event through a personal contact so that they may not reveal the surprise element to the special person.


  • Seek help from best friendsurprise event

You will always have one person who is very close to the guest of honor for whom all the planning is being done. You need to seek a lot of information from the person as he/she would be the knowing every minute details of likes and dislikes of your friend.

  • Keep the favorite menu

You must not miss out the favorite dishes of your friend while planning for an event as the favorite food always brings out the immense happiness and sprout up the best ever smile on the face.surprise event planning

  • Be secretive in a flawless way

You must take enormous care that the guest of honor can’t know about the background event planning going on by any chance or means.

  • Keep the special person busy

You must take care that you keep your special friend involved in other activities on the day when the event is going to take place so that there is no way out he/she can find out what is going on behind the scenes.

  • Set the best theme

People generally have a specific taste or choice which they love to belong like someone may like red color and roses or someone may be a fan of some superhero. You must set the favorite theme and all the fascinating elements of his/ her interests.surprise event

  • Invite the guest early

On the day of the event, you must invite the guest before time so that the whole surprise can be brought up in the most efficient way drawing out best of its flavors.Surprise Event

  • Behold the surprise

Lastly, it is the time when you can explore the secret surprise plan in front of the guest of honor and applaud him/her with a bright gleaming curve of happiness and cherish the memory all way round

surprise event

Therefore, planning a surprise event can be a lot of fun and it surely gives the person an everlasting and ever verdant experience to add on in the diary of beautiful memories in life. Chinchin celebration helps in organizing all kinds of events for you adding the personified touch of your necessities and providing you with a wonderful memory.

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