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Planning a Wedding

Every girl dreams of a fairy tale wedding. Wedding – an auspicious bound between two souls. It’s a big fat celebration. Celebration full of traditional values with a modern twist. A celebration between two families….two cultures. Nothing should be missed to make this a memorable day for the blessed couple. Few prefer to make all the arrangements personally. On the other hand we have experts who pull in the best resources to make it an event full day.

Apart from blessings, lots and lots of planning is involved for the wedding day. Basically once the date is finalised, it’s them when the actual work begins.

To begin with, it’s the venue. As it is very rightly said “first impression is the last impression”. This saying goes well with venue. Venue finalization adds to the foundation of the wedding. Spacious venues are every once first preference.

Lot of space gives freedom to relax. Decoration and lighting can be magnificently handled. Comfortable place has a positive impact on the guest. And as well all know a happy guest is like making God happy. And what more can one ask for if the venue is blessed with natural beauty. Natural beauty always add spice to the wedding. It complete the overall look of the place.

Wedding : Decoration and Music

The decorations n music. They reflects the mood of the celebration. It highlights the purpose of the event. No event is complete without decoration. Every item used in decoration has its own significance. From pots to flowers. From lights to rangoli.

The flagrance, the colour, the combination…everything. Hence traditional themes with a modern blend are what goes well. And how can we forget the music. Music is the soul of the celebration. It lifts the mood and is the sizzler for the event.

Cuisine…the heart of every big fat Indian wedding. People love food. Veg or non-veg both hold a special place in a wedding planning. Obviously no one would like to annoy their loving guests. A plate looks good when it fully loaded with all the aromatic food.

A half plate descries it all. Nothing can compromised for the food served at a wedding. It’s important to keep all the meals different from each other. Specialty is what people look for.


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