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Wedding Guidelines during Covid-19

Wedding guidelines are issued by government. And especially if you were all set to get married soon and this happened! How would you handle this situation? Is it going to be a private affair now or you are thinking of postponing it or just want to elope with your spouse! Amusing…No!

Ok, let’s talk about it on ground. You want to make it happen on the scheduled date only. Then first and foremost is uninviting your guests who can be avoided on the day of celebration. Of course you write a personal note/letter to them stating the reason. If they love you, they would definitely understand it. You can arrange for a virtual zoom session on the day of wedding so that they can attend it live. It’s quite a holistic approach.

Next is to contact your wedding planners or the employees responsible for your event management. Tell them your constraints. Also tell them to keep extra care of hygiene and cleanliness. You should check it yourself that they are following your instructions on ground or not. All SOPs should be finalized by having a meeting (personal or virtual) with the CEO of your event management company. How are you going to take care of your guests should be your top priority. And Event planners also will have to train their staff to follow safety norms.

In fact, there should be SOP’s for all Event Management Companies right from tent decorations, other vendors for fruits and sweets, welcoming guests, catering services, and table-chair arrangements  with proper social distancing. Wedding venue should be well ventilated, spacious and airy. There should be thermal screening of guests at the entry point only. All sofa sets, carpets and table chairs should be sanitized from time to time.

Wedding Guidelines

Across the venue, hoteliers and venue owners should ensure that all chairs, sofas and seat cover, carpets and rugs are regularly changed, cleaned, washed and treated with M.A.D (Microbial Aerial Disinfection) before every event. Such steps are important to help maintain high standards of sanitization to reduce potential spread across events and significantly reduce risks. Infact, you can have different time slots for different guests like you have for parents of each class during PTM in school.

Also, if you are having buffet service in catering then mark the places on floor or carpet where the guests would stand in a queue. And we have table laid for dinner/lunch then spead these tables widely to avoid overcrowding. Avoid using raw items or salads in food menu and serve hot food only. Instead of crockery, using disposable eco friendly plates would be a good idea. Hand sanitizers should be available at every nook and corner of the wedding venue.

As far as beauty and makeup is concerned for groom and bride, we can have minimum touch policy by using PPE kits , head gears, gloves and masks while holding makeup and grooming seesion.

And the last thing is…do not invite more than 50 guests for the time being! This will sort out most things for your Big Event.

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