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Wedding Norms to be Followed in COVID-19 Era

Wedding norms that, issued by our government is very important to be followed. A nationwide lock-down has caused wedding ceremony cancellations across the entire world. Despite that, many people still determined to get married, swapping traditional customs with online weddings, court marriages and socially-distanced ceremonies.


With cases rising daily in India and all over the world, there should be certain norms that could be followed during a wedding ceremony these days, some of them are-

  • Venues should only reopen if they can do it safely. It should take place in open area rather than close halls.
  • Wedding ceremonies should be as short as possible
  • Group singing or dancing should be avoided
  • No food or drink should be consumed from outside unless it is necessary for the function. There can be home-made cook food rather than ordering from outside as that will be safer.
  • According to the guidelines issued by the government, a maximum of fifty people can allowed in a ceremony, this will include all the guests, the photographer and the priest.
  • The most important should be social distancing, it should be maintained at all possible times.
  • The venue could keep a record of all the visitors for 21 days, so that they can track them if needed.
  • The unnecessary wedding ceremonies can cancelled, like the reception and mehndi and rather than keeping different days for ring ceremony and wedding ceremony, they can be simply clubbed together and kept on same day.
  • People should wear masks and gloves all the time and proper sanitisation and temperature checks should take place.


The strict measures of lockdown didn’t really work for everyone. The world has become more digitalized, everything is taking place online through video calls and in fact many matrimonial sites are going for digital weddings. The bride and groom can just be safe at their respective home and all the guests could join a video call and help in making the ceremony successful and happy. Marriage doesn’t only mean inviting hundreds of guests and spending a lot of money, it is just to accept the other person in your life and live together.  Wedding is a time of great celebration and a time of joy , its coming together of not just two people but the families of two people.

In the time of such emergency, less is definitely more. One doesn’t need to buy convectional designer lehengas, they can rather do something meaningful and personal. DIY décor will let you add personalised touch in the wedding. One doesn’t really need a big wedding planner to plan weddings. A simple yet elegant wedding could planned along with your family and friends.

Well, A big fat Indian Wedding will not always be the best. Getting married in lockdown can also help you save money. Which can rather donated for a good cause and to the ones in need.

Corona virus has brought the Indian weddings to a halt. We can’t say it has ruined the wedding plans as that would be an understatement. Even during the times of lockdown one can make this day the most beautiful and memorable day of life. It just needs the effective planning and execution. It is important for the person to be mentally strong and willing to be able to take such a decision. To be happy with it all their lives. Looking at the current situation, one can not determine when will our lives become normal. But for all this has to be the best possible solution.


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