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Wedding Planner Vs Wedding Designer

Wedding Planner Vs Wedding Designer

You must have been a part of, a wedding ceremony, sometime in your journey for sure. There are times, when you attend a ceremony, and feel amazed by the decorations and management of the entire wedding. However, there must be some experiences, where you would have, not felt very nice attending a wedding, because the arrangements were not in proper order, or, the way you expected it to be. Have you ever thought, what makes a difference in the bigger picture? Some wedding terms, may sound very similar to you, like, a wedding planner, and a wedding designer, however, they function very differently. How good a wedding arrangement is going to directly, depend on how good, are the wedding planner, and designer.

If, you think of hosting a wedding, the two most important things, which make it complete are first, of all the logistics, and venue arrangements. Secondly, how beautiful, the decors are goin,g to be as decors are the shine, of a wedding ceremony.

Task of a Wedding Planner

A wedding planner, is the one, who takes care of the primary part, that is making all the arrangement for all the guests, who are going to arrive for the wedding ceremony. This starts with firstly, searching for a proper venue, for the wedding, and then doing all the negotiations in terms of prices. It is the task of the wedding planner, to make a flow of different rituals,

how they will take place, and where, they will take place. If the planning is good, a wedding proceeds smoothly. Allotting different rooms, to all the guests,

so that, they can relax comfortably, and making the proper sitting arrangements outside, also taken care of by the wedding planner. The guests should not feel, like

they have come to a wedding, to exhaust themselves, rather should feel like, a holiday trip with their family. Making proper food arrangements, and settling things, within the budget, are all the things a wedding planner will handle. There can be requirements of scheduling, various meetings with other wedding service providing partner,

which, also managed by a wedding planner. Basically, all the major arrangements in a wedding, and how things are going to proceed is well-taken care, by a wedding planner.


Now, what is another crucial aspect of a wedding? When you enter a wedding hall, you feel like, you have entered a completely different world. So beautifully adorned with flowers, and sparkling lights. This all requires a lot of designing expertise,

which comes from the knowledge of a wedding designer. He the one, who responsible for the entire decors to done. What kind of decor, will suit the mandap, what should be suitable for the wedding hall entrance,

how the railings of the stairs should be decorated to offer a unique yet royal look. All these elements decided, by the wedding designer? He is the one, who will choose the different materials, required for the decorations, and the especially the flowers as a wedding decor is incomplete without their beauty.

Also, the different lights, and candles used for designing the entire place also, decided, and guided by a wedding designer. It is his duty to convert a simple marriage hall, into a beautiful palace. Where two families unite to celebrate, the marriage ceremony.

Therefore, a wedding ceremony is best arranged, when both a wedding planner, and a designer is available, to do the management.

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