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What you should know before buying Wedding Jewellery?

Getting married this year…?  Thinking of buying Wedding Jewellery..?? Do you have any knowledge about the do’s and donts of buying jewelry? If no then have a look at the blog before stepping out for buying jewellery which help you in selecting the best jewellery for your wedding.

  • Start researching 7 to 8 months before your marriage month

There are the various option that are available in the market for wedding jewellery. If you want to choose the best start researching months before your wedding so that you have much time to select from various options and designs. Research well of the new designs in the market like jhumki being the latest trend  in earrings.There can be many more option for earrings as well as well as for necklaces, nose rings etc. Also there are options for the material like gold, silver or diamond depending on your budget . Apart from this there is polki, pacchi , and different gemstones for selection. All of this needs time.

  • Check the for market prices

Before buying  any jewelry check for its market price and also the changing trends its showing in it’s value. The market value for gold changes every day. So wait and check for the market value and when there is high drop, you can go and buy the jewelry. But for that you need to finalize the design much before so that whenever the prices are low you don’t have to think much. This process needs time so plan well before your marriage so that you are on the safe side. Same goes for the diamond. Diamond value also changes. One should make notice that price of diamond can lose up to 20 percent of their value the moment they are purchased. So plan well before buying or making any decision.

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  • Budget

Your budget is the main thing in deciding which design you will buy in which material and of what weight. Whenever your are at a jewelry store, there is temptation to buy more and more. But set your upper limit before and stick to it which will help in controlling your temptation. But if money is not your concern then just go crazy and buy what you feel like!

  • Look at your parents jewellery

Before going to the market and buying any jewelry first look at what your parents are giving you in your jewelry. This will solve half of queries of what to buy and what not to. If the jewelry in ancient style that you can go for designers one with the latest design style but if your parents have already provided you with latest trend jewelry than you can go for some traditional designs. It will help you in future because you will get to wear different styles of jewelry.

  • See for buy back optionswedding-jewellery-xplore-digital

Nowadays various by back offers are there n jewelry shops. In this you can exchange the old jewelry with new ones. The design can change but the value of gold remains same. Also discussing the buy back during new purchase could be beneficial in long run as we can exchange the jewelry if we get bored of the design.

  • Decide whether your wedding jewellery is an investment or luxurious splurging

If it is  from an investment point of view, then plain gold jewelry without polkis or diamonds is a good idea. Diamonds can lose up to 20 percent of their value the moment they are purchased. But if it is just pure luxury, then buy whatever your heart desires!

  • Buy jewelry first then clothes

Don’t buy your clothes first and then match your jewelry. Jewelry is very costly rather matching clothes according the jewelry is easier.

  • Think of long term

Don’t just go for diamonds because they look pretty. Think of long jewelry are assets which are not just for one time use. They will be with you life time. So buy jewelry which will have value in future also.

  • Buy jewelry from trusted jewelers

Buy from renowned jewelers and always take bill. Bill will help in getting the exchange value in future. Make sure that your jewelry is hallmark only.



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