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Romantic Dinner Planning

First Ever Date / Romantic dinner?

“Sometimes you meet a person and you just connect. You are comfy with them like you have known them your entire life and don’t have to pretend to be anybody or anything.”

I believe it’s critical to have the conclusion in any relationship that closures – from a sentimental relationship to a companionship. You ought to dependably have a feeling of clearness toward the end and know why it started and why it finished. You require that in your life to move neatly into your next stage.

Romantic Dinner with your loved ones

romantic dinner chinchinWell, how cute gesture it would be to see your loved ones amiably surprised and thrilled. Fill her/his room with balloons and see the expression on their face when they accidentally walk in! Or romantic location with cute decoration as well as lightings around the table with his/ her favorite flower with his/her song. After the cute- cute moment, present a striking cake and rejoice your occurrence! ChinChin Celebration team will synchronize with you to find the right time to send the astonish balloons and cakes furthermore you want.

If you are celebrating your date at home or outdoor location. You just enjoy your moment food, decoration, and allromantic dinner chinchin another the other arrangements leave on us. .Feel the love in the air with wine, authentic food (Chinese, Italian, French, Mexican, Indian, Thai etc) and his/her favorite dessert. We know this is your day and we want you to feel special so a small gesture from us something to remember us that is in the house. Well, this is not over we want you to tell you cute love story or share your pearls of wisdom. This moment cannot be complete without your beautiful click.

The association with put, to the land, the breeze, the sun, stars, the moon… it sounds sentimental, however, it’s actual – the instinctive experience of movement, of traveling through time on some stunning machine – a couple of autos address it, yet not very many contrasts with bikes. I generally felt that any bike travel was extraordinary.

What’s integrated

  • balloon
  • candle
  • decorations
  • flowers
  • ½ cake
  • mocktails
  • 3-course meal
  • card message
  • songs
  • gift on the house
  • Your love story

For better arrangements following can be included as well:-

  • outside(resort, farmhouse, rooftop restaurant)  as well as
  • butler    
  • barbeque   
  • projector movie
  • wine

Need to identify

  • Your address as well as balloon color, & any other individual favorites will be taken over a call after your order
  • We dishearten Helium balloons for home use as it is an asphyxiate – it can suffocate you. We use air balloons, so some of the balloons can be helium and another fix them to your wall with a removable cello-tape (no mark on a wall but please remove in max. 3 days) to create the same experience as helium balloons.
  • Around 40 to 50 balloons with ribbons are placed on the ceiling and rest are place in the other place that you call. 
  • You may change cake size and brand but cost will increase with per ½ kg
  • Postponement Policy – 90% refund if cancellation is done 1 day in advance. No postponement on the same day. 

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