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Ways to have a perfect budget wedding.

A wedding can be an expensive affair. Over the years marketing has convinced people that the wedding has to be expensive. The average costing of any costing cost more than 20 lakh. But you do not have to spend such a huge amount that is equal to !st down payment of home or car. There are multiple ways by which we can cut down the cost of the wedding in multiple ways. But how? Here are the possible ways by which it can be achieved.

Stick to the budget

Before deciding the catering, venue, clothes etc its essential have a well-defined budget so that during the process of finalizing everything you will keep in mind what to be bought and what not to be bought. Also, both the parties bride and groom should fix the budget and should stick to it so that no problem occurs at the end of the wedding. It’s necessary to have a budget because after all a wedding is an event and make a point at the end you don’t fall in depth.

  • Prioritize what you need

It’s necessary to make a list of the main essential requirements of wedding completed in the beginning so that in the end you don’t fall in a situation where you left with less amount to buy those things. The main elements in every wedding are clothes, jewelry, decorations, venue, and menu. Decide them before making any further arrangements.

  • Go for a comparison chart

Before jumping to any decision look at various options and make a chart for comparison. It will help you to make a better decision. Also, it will help you to remember each detail so that you don’t miss out anything


Scheduling the Wedding

  • Advance Planning

 Planning a wedding needs time. Make sure you have enough time before a wedding so that you can look around for better option and good deals. Usually, immediate bookings may cost more especially in wedding season.

 Planning a wedding in the off-season can be very beneficial because in those days rates are already low. So you can easily get more options in less amount. Also, the availability of wedding venues and designers are easy. So you dont have run after them rather them will be easily available.

  • Plan the wedding for yourself, not for everyone else

Meeting everyone expectation will raise your budget to large extent. After all wedding is an event and make sure you dont fall in debt after the event. Try to keep it simple and small. Its an auspicious event in which two people share their happiness of  exchanging vows that they will be together forever. Try not to make it a gala event. Spend only on the necessities.

Choosing a Location

  1. Look in for  community centers or free areas.- Many public  areas are available free of cost. Look for community centers or bharat ghar which are very cheap in cost and can be affordable.
  2. Hold the ceremony and reception at the same place.– If you hold the wedding event and reception at the same location it will help you save money and time both. Many  venues can provide you with discounted offers of giving them the opportunity to handle both your events. And if your reception is just after your wedding day it will be beneficial because you dont have to run here and there at the last moment. Also, the bride and groom will get time to relax. Many venues are equipped with everything which provides you everything in handling both your events effortlessly   
  3. Hold the wedding in another town.– Maybe venues in a location where you stay are expensive. You can opt for a destination wedding but where the cost of venues are cheaper. Many opt for luxurious villas or forts. But it’s not necessary that destination wedding has to be luxurious. You can opt for any place where you are comfortable may be your home town or may be your village
  4. Select a beautiful venue.– Choosing a beautiful location for your wedding can decrease your cost for decoration to aa great extend Suppose the entry gate of any venue is very decent or good then you dont have to do much over there. Or the stage background is already so well maintained that you may not feel to decorate it much and so on. So choose your destination wisely that’s why i mentioned in the beginning that it’s one of the prior work to do.

Selecting Your Guests

  1. Cut down the guest list– Cutting down the list will affect your cost overall. Less guest means you have to book a small hall which will cost less. Also, you will be able to provide the best and variety of food options to your guests. Not everyone you will invite wiil attend. So make sure who is important and who is not. Next point for that itself
  2. Anticipate who will likely decline an invitation– It will be a nice  gesture to send an invitation those who live far away or not in very close relations of yours but they are unlikely to attend your wedding even if you assist them much. This will help with planning numbers. But keep in mind these faraway friends relatives may decide to come for the wedding. Many use it as a reason to take a holiday. So do not entirely count out “courtesy invites”!


Planning the Music

  1.  Skip the live music -Don’t opt for live bands or performances if you want your wedding budget to be in control. But if your a kind of person who loves to have live shows in the budget then you can ask your family member who can sing and perform on your wedding. Or the both bride and groom family members can prepare some dance steps on any of the songs so that they can perform.  
  2. Make a compilation of music yourself.- Make a list of songs that you want to play in your event. You can ask one of your friends to keep a check on this.


  1. Ask your friend– Ask one of your talented friend to do this job. It will give him experience and you will get photography done. Also, you can offer him some amount out of courtesy but usually good friends dont take money. They will do it for free.
  2. Limit the options of shots to your hired photographer– Limit your photographer to a specific list of shots so that overall costing is less. Don’t get lured by photographers because they tend to involve you taking maximum options of shots. But this will nothing but increase your overall expenditure on just photography.



  1. Rent your wedding dress – There are many sites or shops that provide dresses on rent. Some are even a first hand or they may be specially designed for you. Usually, the wedding dress doesn’t come in use in day to day wear or even in any wedding event for the future. So why to waste money when you can save.
  2. Wedding dress that is not specifically a wedding dress– This will help you wear that dress again in any other party, function or any other wedding also. This will save your money in the future and you will fully utilize the amount spend on your wedding dress.

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